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the false friend of intuition

“Here, you’re not at school. If you give me an answer, you have to be able to tell me why.“ This is what Ajan said to Eric at one moment, when he was first starting to teach him meditation. Eric did… Continue Reading →

how to build a log house: a history of impossible efforts

In 1996, Eric first met Ajan and became his student. (I have already written the story of how that happened in a previous post here, and I have told the story here of how Eric’s house burned down, and why… Continue Reading →

“what is your aim in life?”

It took me some time in the beginning to have the courage to ask Ajan a question about meditation. When I finally did, instead of giving me answers, he asked me this. “Do you have an aim in life? What… Continue Reading →

why we are not vegetarian

We eat meat sometimes. Even though we’re Buddhist. We have met many people who are surprised at this, believing that all Buddhists are vegetarians. This is not actually the case; although some schools of Buddhism practice vegetarianism; it is not… Continue Reading →

the ear of an elephant

When you watch Ajan listening to someone, it’s quite a sight to behold. He sits leaning forward in his chair, his eyes opened so wide they’re almost bulging, tilting his head towards the speaker – absolutely all of his attention… Continue Reading →


“Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” (Bertrand Russell.) A story goes that in the early years of knowing each other, Eric and Ajan… Continue Reading →

the magic of generosity

At one moment last year I was feeling very low and always attacked by constant anxiety and insecurity. (These, you will see, are my most well-known enemies. I am an expert in anxiety and insecurity, let me tell you.) I… Continue Reading →

two old stories of renunciation

There is a famous true story about a champion wrestler whose life was changed forever by one chance meeting. This champion was unbeaten in all his country and territory, and thus he was rich, renowned and worshipped everywhere he went…. Continue Reading →

why meditation is like catching flies

Now it is summertime, we have a lot of flies that want to come in the house and we need to have good screens on our windows. Despite the screens, we still need to catch flies from time to time… Continue Reading →

what will you do at the time of death?

“I am ready to die right now.” I remember the peculiar feeling that arose in me at these words – like being pushed off-kilter, my comfortable assumptions about how life was wobbling and shaking. I remember my shock, admiration, and… Continue Reading →

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