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the false friend of intuition

“Here, you’re not at school. If you give me an answer, you have to be able to tell me why.“ This is what Ajan said to Eric at one moment, when he was first starting to teach him meditation. Eric did… Continue Reading →

two old stories of renunciation

There is a famous true story about a champion wrestler whose life was changed forever by one chance meeting. This champion was unbeaten in all his country and territory, and thus he was rich, renowned and worshipped everywhere he went…. Continue Reading →

why meditation is like catching flies

Now it is summertime, we have a lot of flies that want to come in the house and we need to have good screens on our windows. Despite the screens, we still need to catch flies from time to time… Continue Reading →

what will you do at the time of death?

“I am ready to die right now.” I remember the peculiar feeling that arose in me at these words – like being pushed off-kilter, my comfortable assumptions about how life was wobbling and shaking. I remember my shock, admiration, and… Continue Reading →

can I let this one pass?

There are sometimes people who look at the standards that one sets up for oneself in meditation, and they wonder, “But isn’t it only human to have a little laziness, to get a little bit careless now and then? Aren’t… Continue Reading →

the little-known art of being a good student

“In the Beginner’s Mind there are many possibilities.In the expert’s mind there are few.”Shunryu Suzuki Someone I know well recently set up the entire electrical system in a house we were renovating. She had never done such a thing before,… Continue Reading →

bread, broccoli and being the job

There are days that feel as though they are nothing but a list of catastrophes, each bigger than the next. I used to find that those days were only disagreeable, but now they are also a source of interest and… Continue Reading →

a meeting: the story of a beginning

Here’s a story without which all the other stories would not have happened. I heard this story for the first time on my third day working as a volunteer at the nursery, planting trees with Eric. That day I was… Continue Reading →

the problem with lifebelts

Practically everyone who lives in the world has something that they hang on to for dear life, their life-belt. Your life-belt is often a person, or a set of people, on whom you depend to make you feel good. You… Continue Reading →

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